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Curves, elegance, grace and seduction all surround the essence of these beings. They start with a soft appearance that pulls the viewer in to study its surface. Executing careful disproportions and elaborating on a visual narrative, each radiates a distinct personality. The work is a display of lively and thriving characters with a poetic intricacy that dances between the voluptuous and the delicate and recognizes its own rare existence. Viewing this work evokes a broad set of feelings between thick and thin. Thickness representing strength and powerful attributes whereas the thin reminds of the inherent fragility of life. Al paying homage to nature's largest plant and one of our greatest natural resources.


Quality made furniture directly from our portfolio or custom designed for your specific needs whether it be furniture, cabinets, architectural elements or non functional sculpture. All styles and design to a budget options are welcomed. Wood and metal combinations are also an option. All domestic and most exotic woods are available. Delivery and installation available for most work. We have a large selection of natural edge slabs.

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